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Final Fantasy VII; Avalanche; 002: Middles

Title: Infinity
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Aerith
Prompt: 002: Middles
Word Count: 340
Rating: G
Summary: Aerith listens to her friends as they seek what they are fighting for

She smiled—if it was possible for the Lifestream to smile. But as the voices and visions reached her, she smiled.

The Father. “Daddy’s gotta leave again but he’ll be back. Don’t you worry. Daddy loves you and he’s comin’ back.”

The Enigma. “Grandfather—we’re going to do it. We’re going to save the Planet. My father saved the Tribe, but this time, we’re going to save the Planet.”

The Traitor. “Forgive me, Midgar. I couldn’t save you before, please stay there long enough for me to try again…”

The Pilot. “Listen…this ain’t so easy for me to say, but I’m sorry. Sorry for how I treated ya, and sorry that I gotta leave again. But look, I know I’m comin’ back and…well if you’re still here…I think I could spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you.”

The Unforgiven. “My sleep is over. Now it’s your turn. Sleep, and forget your pain. This was never your fault. Sleep, my lady, and in your sleep forgive me, for I have one more Sin yet to commit.”

The Thief. “Dad, I just had to let you know…maybe Materia isn’t such a big deal after all, ya know? I might not be back for a while, but I’ll stop by and visit. And who knows, maybe I can bring a little bit with me?”

And then the last two. The Lovers? The Soldier, “You…I could never have made it this far without you.” And his Strength, “As long as we’re together, everything will be okay.”

“Although she’s not here, she left us a window of opportunity.”

And just as the Lifestream could smile, so could it cry, and she wept for her friends, for their strength, because they fought on…As a Cetra she had started the final battle, and as the Lifestream she would end it, but she could not cross the middle ground, and with every voice, and every tear that crossed her path, she wept for those who carried out her fight.

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