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New prompt community...

I can't believe I'm taking on another one of these, but since I honestly have nothing better to do with my time these days, and I need a good reason to start writing CloudxTifa again, I'm taking them on at otp_100 :)

001.OTP 002.Couple 003.Cry 004.Laugh 005.Anger
006.Control 007.Trouble 008.Cops 009.Hospital 010.Sickness
011.Blue 012.Red 013.Black 014.White 015.Colors
016.Shapes 017.Sizes 018.Length 019.Height 020.Circle
021.Square 022.Diamond 023.Triangle 024.Star 025.Party
026.Parents 027.Aunt 028.Uncle 029.Brother 030.Sister
031.Music 032.Feelings 033.Worried 034.Happy 035.Sadness
036.Flower 037.Tree 038.Seed 039.Hardships 040.Teammates
041.Pets 042.Kids 043.Books 044.Trips 045.Business
046.Sports 047.Meetings 048.Smell 049.Taste 050.Touch
051.Water 052.Fire 053.Earth 054.Air 055.Storm
056.Friends 057.Ex-Friends 058.Enemies 059.Lovers 060.Ex-Lover
061.Snow 062.Rain 063.Heat 064.Fall 065.Hope
066.Presents 067.Kidnapping 068.Weeks 069.Months 070.Years
071.Time 072.Minutes 073.Hours 074.Seconds 075.Days
076.Death 077.Life 078.Rebirth 079.Heal 080.Curse
081.Strength 082.Power 083.Weakness 084.Jealousy 085.Fame
086.Table 087.Paper 088.Matches 089.She 090.He
091.Birthday 092.Holiday 093.Dark 094.Light 095.New Year
096.Writer‘s Choice 097.Writer‘s Choice 098.Writer‘s Choice 099.Writer‘s Choice 100.Writer‘s Choice

(One day I'll finish these things...:p)
Tags: cloti, cloud, ffvii, otp100, tifa
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