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Final Fantasy VII: Avalanche; 004: Insides, 005: Outsides

Title: On Broadway
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Tifa
Prompt: 004; Insides
Word Count: 130
Rating: G
Summary: Tifa considers career options
Author's Notes: It has been *ages* since I have had the mental clarify to write anything, but I finally decided to just do it, clarify or I did. and here it is.

Sometimes, Tifa thought she should have been an actress instead of an activist. She wasn't big on standing in front of a crowd. She actually got pretty terrible stage fright, and she hated being the center of attention. But, she could pretend. She could pretend in a big way that made it so people believed whatever she wanted them to believe.
The mission can't fail.
Everything will be okay.
Cloud is just a friend.
....I'm happy.
So maybe it was different that acting in a play. Maybe it was harder when your character was in a world that wasn't real. To force your own experiences to influence the emotions of somebody some distant author created.
Or maybe, the hardest role to play was not letting the life inside be seen.

Title: Silent Movies
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Aerith
Prompt: 005; Outsides
Word Count: 126
Rating: G
Summary: Why is Aerith so outspoken?
Author's Notes: After writing Tifa's, this just popped into my head as well, since they are two very different ways of dealing with the same thing.

Aerith was loud. She knew she was--she drew attention to herself, sometimes demanding attention if she wasn't getting enough. And for someone who sometimes struggled to express herself, she made her opinions and her feelings well known.
Blunt, honest, and uncensored. That's who she was. Nobody ever had to ask her what was on her mind. Because when you're blunt, honest, and uncensored, everyone thinks they know everything on your mind.
You aren't insecure. You don't question yourself, or your identity. You don't panic over your purpose in life, and you never, ever cry.
After all, if you did, wouldn't everyone already know?
Aerith liked to be loud. Because when you shout everything out, nobody stops to listen to the things said in the silence.
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