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Final Fantasy VII; Avalanche; 014: Green, 085: She, 065: Passing

I cannot honestly remember who or when or even if this happened, but I feel like at one point someone suggested to me that I write, here are a few little drabbles for that pairing...more angst than anything else, and not quite romance,'s something?

Title: Back Where I Was
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Vincent, Aerith
Prompt: 014: Green
Word Count: 191
Rating: G
Summary: Vincent's awakening


He heard the crash. Who wouldn’t have heard the crash? It was one of the things he feared the most. Association. The sound the door made whenever it closed. It was synonymous with…his failing.

Or at least with…

But he opened his eyes anyway. Time had stopped. He didn’t know how long it had been since he opened his eyes.

Maybe it’s why he was fooled.

Hair he hadn’t seen since he’d gone to sleep. Long and light brown, swept so high up in the front, pale skin, a gentle smile…

Betrayal. Rejection. Helplessness. All of those feelings…she had caused them all. She had caused pain, caused guilt, caused…Love.

He thought, maybe it was all a dream? and he watched her, her graceful movements, heard the delicate sound of her laughter, and he focused on her eyes, beautiful, deep, green eyes…

Green? No…not green. He searched desperately for the color he once knew, but the truth had been discovered. Her eyes were green. Her hair was different, her clothes, and finally the truth of her face.

He thought he hadn’t a heart left to break, but he had been wrong.

Title: Porcelain
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Vincent, Aerith
Prompt: 085: She
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: She made him feel emotion...

There was little left in the world to surprise him. He had felt the height of every emotion, experienced all of the tortures the heart and mind had to offer. Some called him callous, others cold. He understood, but the memory of what pain felt like had made him numb.

When he met them, he was not moved by their passion. He joined them because of his connection to their cause. Because he had a debt to repay; there was no compassion. They were, to him, generic.

But the first time he saw her cry, she made him feel emotion.

Title: Goodnight and Go
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Vincent, Aerith
Prompt: 065: Passing
Word Count: 195
Rating: PG
Summary: They shared a common loss...

There had been three of them, three that he had joined so many years ago, and he had erased the only one who hadn’t caused him pain. He’d been a friend. Maybe his only real friend. The only one who was gone, and the only one he didn’t remember.

She didn’t remember being with her parents. She spoke with her mother frequently, but her father was less than a memory to her, merely a figure formed from what she wished for and the stories her mother had told her.

They found each other, alone in the night, each in silent reminiscence, and they marveled at the similarity of their loss. She did not ask him to express himself and he did not act surprised to see her without a smile; just silent understanding and an approaching embrace, and the promise that one day—someday—they may both find peace. And when the silence was broken by a voice calling her name, silently would they part, where she returned to misguided love and he retreated to the anonymity of the darkness until the next time they could find each other and abandon all pretense of existence.

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